Image Converter 2.5.3 APK

Image Converter 2.5.3 APK


App Info

  • 软件名称Image Converter
  • 软件分类 攝影
  • 最新版本2.5.3
  • 支持ROM 5.1及更高版本
  • File Size7.94 MB
  • Updated
  • APK名称com.rectfy.imageconverter


Multiple Image converter and resizerThe easiest app to convert 100's of images to jpg, png, gif, webp or pdfImage converter to convert photos to any other format. Photo converter provides easy and fast conversion of pictures to many other image formats. Convert your jpg photo in to any required photo format along with size reducer. Get the image converter to convert picture in to jpg, png, pdf, gif, webp and many other image extension.✅Convert pictures in to batch mode and export jpeg, png, jpg or other image format✅Photo size converter helps to compress and resize pictures in high quality✅Jpeg converter easily converters multiple pictures in to other image format✅Share images by reducing and compressing the image sizes by maintain quality✅Choose compress level and reduce the image size to easily share pictures✅Edit and adjust images, crop and rescale your photos with image converter✅Manage all your converted images in image converter separately✅Change image extensions in to .jpg, .pdf, .png, .webp, .gif, .jpeg in jpg converterApp Usage▪️ Choose single or multiple photos from gallery or camera▪️ Edit or crop your selected images▪️ Choose photo extension image formats for conversion▪️ Reduce image size and select image compression level▪️ Share images directly from image converter or save in folderConvert multiple images into jpg, png, webp, gif or pdfSet quality of the images to resize it.Fill transparent part with custom color when convert to Jpg or gif.Supports converting bmp, cr2, HEIC etc into jpg, png, webp or gifConvert all images to pdf, jpg to pdf,png to pdfBMP to JPGCR2 to JPGBMP to PNGBMP to WEBP png, jpg to PdfJpg to GifJpeg to GifPng to GifFree image converter appThis is a 100% free image converter, which you can use to convert jpg, png, webp, gif images. You can also use this app to convert images to pdfImage to JPG/PNG - Image Converter Features :- Click on image to crop, flip or rotate before you convert- Choose a quality before conversion to resize the images- Save into Gallery all converted images- Easy to share, delete converted JPG, JPEG, PNG and GIFD images- Choose image output format (jpeg, png, jpg, webp, gif, pdf).- You can share directly from the view images in converted images and from converted gallery as well.This image converter app supports:- JPG to PNG and PNG to JPG converter- Image to JPG- Image to PNG- Image to JPEG- PNG to JPEG- JPEG to PNG- image to webp- images to pdf- jpeg to webp- png to webp- jpg to pdf- png to pdf- webp to pdf- Jpg to Gif- Png to Gif* HEIC to JPEG* PNG to JPEG* JPEG to PNG* DDS to JPEG* PNG to DDS* JPG to VTFFree and Offline image converterThis is a all in one image converter app, you dont have to download multiple apps to convert images to different formats. With this app you can convert HEIC, CR2, jpg, png and other formats to JPEG, PNG, PDF, GIF or WEBP.

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